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If your bank requires authorization for the Department of Taxation to debit a payment from your checking account, you must provide them with this Debit Filter number: 1546001745

At present, Virginia TAX does not support International ACH Transactions (IAT). Click IAT Notice to review the details.

Please note, a $35 fee may be assessed if your payment is declined by your financial institution as authorized by Code of Virginia ยง2.2-614.1. Visit our website for more information.

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I, the undersigned president, vice-president, treasurer, assistant treasurer, chief accounting officer, owner, or other officer duly authorized to act, of the corporation for which this return is made, declare under the penalties provided by law that this return (including any accompanying schedules and statements) has been examined by me and is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, a true, correct, and complete return, made in good faith, for the taxable year stated, pursuant to the income tax laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. If prepared by a person other than taxpayer, their declaration is based on all information of which they have any knowledge.

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